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The Smoked Beer at Schlenkerla

🍺🔥 Stepping into Schlenkerla in Bamberg is like entering a cathedral dedicated to the ancient art of smoked beer. Tucked beneath the grandeur of the Bamberg cathedral, this enduring brewery, with a history dating back to 1405, offers a pilgrimage to the very soul of Rauchbier. Here, the beer isn’t just brewed; it’s a story told in every sip. Standing outside, amidst a sea of locals and tourists alike, I discovered a love I never knew I had. The smoked beer at Schlenkerla was a revelation-a symphony of flavors so profound, so unique, it transcends words. It’s a must-try, a rite of passage for any beer lover. For offering the best smoked beer on the planet, Schlenkerla deserves nothing less than 5 out of 5 forks. #Schlenkerla #SmokedBeer #BeerPilgrimage #Bamberg #HistoricBreweries

FYI: Smoked beer, or Rauchbier, originated in Bamberg, a town synonymous with this unique brewing style. The distinctive flavor of smoked beer comes from malted barley dried over an open flame, imparting a smoky character to the beer. This method dates back centuries when drying malted barley over flames was the norm. Bamberg has preserved this tradition, making it a pilgrimage site for beer enthusiasts seeking this unique taste that harks back to the roots of brewing.

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