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Billy’s at the Beach: A Dance of Flavors, Away from the Sand

In the heart of Newport Beach, away from the whispers of waves, Billy’s at the Beach beckoned. The scene evoked memories of seaside tales, where land meets the water, but not quite the sandy escapades one might imagine.

The story begins with tempura-battered green beans. Their allure promises a passionate crunch, and while they kept that promise for a couple of bites, they soon lost their luster. By the time we were halfway through, the enthusiasm waned, each bean becoming a silent whisper of what could have been.

The macadamia-crusted Halibut then sailed onto the plate. Adorned with beurre blanc, the tropical salsa danced atop, reminiscing of far-off islands. It nestled upon a bed of jasmine rice, flanked by green beans - the real stars, in their verdant, unfried glory. Each bite was a pleasant refrain, echoing a comfortable chorus of flavors.

The fish tacos, adorned with Hawaiian Ono, attempted to serenade us Baja style. A backdrop of cabbage, cheese, and the vibrant notes of pico de gallo, all topped with a sweet chili aioli. We went off-script and blackened our fish, pushing the boundaries of traditional expectations. Good? Yes. Show-stopping? Not quite.

In essence, Billy’s is the kind of place you venture to after a day in Newport Beach, especially when you have the foresight to reserve a spot. Would it be the siren calling me from the heart of Los Angeles? Probably not. But it holds its own, and for that, it earns a respectable 3 out of 5 forks.

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