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Edendale: A Love Letter to Old Hollywood

Through the haze of Hollywood’s storied past, beneath the shadow of the Silver Lake hills, and behind the whispered tales of silent film studios, you’ll find Edendale. A decade has passed since my first tryst with this enigmatic locale, introduced to me by the effervescent Margaret Cho. The aura? Timeless, where dim lights conspire to paint everyone in the hues of old Hollywood glamour.

Amidst its silent walls, which once echoed the clamor of Los Angeles Fire Station 56, you’ll now hear the clinking of glasses, gentle laughter, and the hum of stories being spun. Once a silent protector of Silver Lake, now it whispers tales of worldly comfort food, potent cocktails, and the casual camaraderie that beckons locals and wayfarers alike.

Draped across the bar with fellow Fork aficionados, the charcuterie and cheese board made its humble entrance, delivering predictable, yet comforting flavors. The dance of the Asparagus Tempura came next, each bite crisp and perfectly seasoned, making a grand performance on the palate.

The main acts held their ground. The Enchiladas Verdes, a medley of summer squash and corn wrapped in the warmth of pepita cream; the Chicken Breast Au Jus, standing proud with its tender texture; the Salmon Teriyaki, light and zesty, waltzing with forbidden black rice and a dash of citrus; and the Linguine with Blistered Tomatoes, a fresh embrace with ricotta and arugula.

Edendale is more than just a restaurant. It’s a nostalgic embrace of the past, a love letter to the present, and an invitation to the future. The next time you’re in Silver Lake, let the allure pull you in. For me, Edendale stands tall with a gracious 4 out of 5 forks. It’s a timeless tale I’m eager to revisit.

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