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Experiencing UOVO: A Tale of Transatlantic Pasta

Swathed in the sunshine-drenched charm of Marina del Rey, we sauntered into UOVO, lured by the siren song of authentic Italian pasta made from ingredients jetted straight from the Boot itself. UOVO boasts a dance of culinary expertise and logistics with its pasta overnighted from Italy, enveloped in a climate-controlled cocoon turning a seemingly mundane flight into an essential cog in the pasta resting process. Intriguing, to say the least.

The meal began with a flirtation with the ocean – Yellowtail Crudo gracing our palates, tickling our senses with a wave of freshness. We dove headfirst into the cheese and truffle tasting menu, anticipating the play of earthy truffle against the smooth serenade of cheese.

The Tagliatelle, silk ribbons laced with truffle sauce, waltzed around our tongues, achieving the elusive truffle equilibrium - decadent without being overbearing. Yet, the Pomodoro, swirled in its own dance, was steeped a bit too heavily in cheese, overpowering the humble tomatoes. The Cacio e Pepe followed, its rich twirls eclipsed by memories of superior renditions tasted elsewhere in the city.

Our gastronomic journey concluded with a light Tiramisu al cucchiaio, like a sweet sigh after a dense discourse, a bit of airiness to counter the onslaught of cheese and truffle.

However, one can’t help but feel a certain dissatisfaction, akin to reading an intriguing novel that lacks a climax. Where were the stalwart proteins – the chicken, the wild boar? They could’ve given the necessary counterpoint to the buttery symphony of our dishes. As we left, a sense of unfulfilled hunger gnawed at us, paradoxically paired with an inability to consume another morsel. The aftermath was a slight discomfort in our bellies – a rebellion against the buttery onslaught that might have found an audience in the depths of winter, but clashed with the vibrancy of summer.

Our server’s lapse in memory cost us our drinks, though she made amends by subtracting them from the bill. We were left pondering the ambiance of the Marina, questioning the likelihood of a second visit. Probably not, we concluded, bestowing 3 out of 5 forks on UOVO, for its dance between Italy and LA was admirable but the tune was just slightly off-key.

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