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Fry Me to the Moon: A Benny’s Taco Surprise

Nestled in various pockets of LA, Benny’s Tacos & Rotisserie Chicken comes with a declaration - to offer LA the taco it deserves. These folks went in search of genuine Mexican flavors and returned with the promise of meat grilled on an authentic rotisserie spit, just like the streets of Mexico. A tantalizing promise.

But here’s the raw and poetic truth: the tacos, well, they didn’t sing. Edible? Yes. Destined to be the star of LA’s food scene? Perhaps not. The chicken, while flavorful, demanded a jaw workout - a bit tough and stringy. But redemption came in the form of a tortilla, a vessel so thick and hearty, holding its contents with dignity, never yielding to the pressure. An unsung hero.

Yet the biggest twist was left for the end - a side dish from a kids menu item. The French fries. Ironically, in a place boasting Mexican flavors, these fries could rival any upscale Parisian bistro. They were that good.

Benny’s? Thank you for the fries and the tortillas. They were the true symphony in an otherwise mellow composition. Giving it a straightforward 2 out of 5 forks. Sometimes, it’s the unexpected that steals the show.

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