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La Pergoletta: Hidden Italian Gem Beside a Laundromat

In a curious strip mall beside a laundromat in Los Feliz, one finds an unassuming entrance to Italy’s culinary heartland. “La Pergoletta,” a legacy born on an island off Brazil, has found its rightful home in Los Angeles, honoring traditions from Emilia Romagna and Tuscany. The Seganti family, led by Master Chef Paolo, weave magic into every dish, making La Pergoletta a contender for LA’s best Italian culinary experience.

Your tastebuds will be waltzing through Italy with their homemade pasta – impeccably al dente. Their Arrabbiata? Bold, fiery, and unapologetic. An embodiment of Italian passion, a rare authentic kick in a city filled with toned-down flavors. The Tagliate, be it with filet mignon or chicken breast, is a revelation, especially when drizzled with the decadent green peppercorn and cream Dijon mustard sauce. Each plate remains warm well into the meal (how they manage this is both genius and a mystery).

Whether you drop in for the midweek lunch specials or get lured by their expansive regular menu, every visit feels like a hearty meal at a rustic Italian home. In Italian, we might call this place both “delizioso” and “eccezionale.” 4 out of 5 forks for this culinary gem. Grazie mille, Paolo!

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