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Simple Pleasures: Rediscovering Fresh Corn Grill

In the bustling culinary cacophony of Los Angeles, some spots tend to blur in the background, only to emerge like an old favorite song when you least expect to hear it. Fresh Corn Grill is one such unsung hero for me. Tucked away amidst the glitzy food scene of WeHo and Westwood, this place is a living testament to the adage: simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Today, I journeyed through their grilled chicken plate - a delectably seasoned affair paired with grilled corn and asparagus, fresh off the grill and steaming with rich aromas. The Cajun sauce, a vibrant accompaniment, reminded me of an old jazz tune - zesty, playful, and packed with a punch. Every bite echoed the restaurant’s mantra: fast, casual, gourmet - without the pretense.

The eatery’s website paints an enticing picture of Californian cuisine fused with health and delight. And while the food is undoubtedly a testament to this ethos, it’s the subsequent feeling that lingers: one of nourishment and jubilation. An afternoon where my palate danced, and my body thanked me in choruses of well-being.

It’s not a Michelin star. It doesn’t aim to be. It’s honest food, with earnest intentions, and for that, it gets a solid 3 out of 5 forks. Bravo, Fresh Corn Grill.

grilled chicken asparagus corn healthy delicious
Grilled meat & two sides

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