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Simplicity at Café Cador in Historic Bamberg

🥧☕ On a whimsical day trip from Munich to the picturesque Bamberg, we stumbled upon the charming Café Cador. Perfectly positioned at the bustling fruit market, steps away from the iconic Altes Rathaus, this café offered a much-needed respite from the endless parade of sausages and schnitzels. 🌿🌍 The vegetable quiche, while modest, felt like a culinary revelation in a land sparse of greens. Paired with some pretty fantastic coffee, it was a moment of simple joy. Café Cador, thank you for being a delightful little sanctuary. 3 out of 5 forks for this quaint spot amidst Bamberg’s historic beauty. #CaféCador #Bamberg #QuicheQuest #HistoricBamberg #CoffeeBreak

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