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Take a forking bite of Italian bliss at The Factory Kitchen

The Factory Kitchen, an esteemed Michelin-starred establishment nestled in the heart of LA’s vibrant Art District, offers a narrative of contrasts. As you step in, you’re transported to an industrial-chic backdrop, a stage seemingly underprepared for the culinary performance it’s about to host.

The star performer at The Factory Kitchen is their Mandilli de Seta. This dish, featuring silky, paper-thin handkerchief pasta meticulously handcrafted, is nothing short of sublime. Every bite embodies the essence of Italian love and labor, a gastronomic masterpiece that tells you the Michelin star is well-earned.

Their Casonzei, a warm bundle of pork sausage and beef filled egg-pasta robed in brown butter, pancetta, sage, and a sprinkle of reggiano, is another dish worth noting. It is a comforting plate perfect for a chilly day, a bit too generous and opulent for a balmy one - as we discovered on our sunny visit.

The carpaccio, while deliciously fresh and reliable, didn’t venture far from the traditional. The Strega-crisped bread was an amusing sidekick to our main dishes. The playlist, however, made some unexpected swings, with a cacophony of tunes that left us itching for a change of channel.

The aesthetics of The Factory Kitchen leans towards the absurd. It’s a quirky mix of faux potted plants dangled arbitrarily from concrete pillars, a design strategy that, ironically, pulls away from the otherwise charming industrial ethos.

The seating protocol may raise eyebrows, as it insists on positioning guests cheek by jowl, despite a sea of vacant seats. This peculiar dining choreography may suit some, but it did make us crave a more personal space to enjoy our meal.

Despite its idiosyncrasies, The Factory Kitchen delivers on its promise of exceptional food, warranting its Michelin accolade. It’s a place where the culinary prowess stands tall above the minor hiccups in decor and space management. Offering a firm 3 out of 5 forks, we suggest you plan a visit, but with a fair warning: come prepared for an intimate experience.

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