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The Cozy Wirtshaus In Sendling

🍽️🇩🇪 Tucked away in Munich’s Westpark neighborhood, Wirtshaus In Sendling offers a slice of Bavarian comfort. The Schnitzel here? Absolutely great! 🍖 After days of exploring Munich’s food scene, this spot felt like a welcoming reprieve, despite our growing yearning for green veggies in the land of sausages and potatoes. 🥔 The charm of the place and the warmth of the service truly made our experience memorable. While it’s heavy on the traditional fare, it’s definitely worth stopping by for a taste of local life and some hearty, comforting food. A satisfying 3 out of 5 forks! #WirtshausInSendling #MunichCuisine #SchnitzelLove #GermanComfortFood #LocalFavorites

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