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Wake Up and Smell the Blunch: Joey’s Cafe, A West Hollywood Gem

In West Hollywood lies Joey’s Café, a charming nook blending American comfort food with retro-diner nostalgia. The regular clientele ranges from neighborhood locals to the occasional Hollywood starlet, all united by a love for Joey’s flavorsome offerings.

Their menu is a treasure trove of diverse delights, rooted in fresh, quality ingredients. From generously portioned omelets and flavor-rich pastas to an unexpectedly economical filet mignon, Joey’s delivers a culinary spectrum that encompasses sandwiches, burgers, salads, and soups. A summer standout is their Gazpacho - a cool, refreshing treat in LA’s heat.

At Secrets of The Fork, we prefer ‘blunch’ over ‘brunch.’ A term coined by us, blunch is our preference for lunch when the rest of LA is having breakfast, and Joey’s accommodates this seamlessly. In a surprising twist of gastronomy, I devised a unique concoction on my last visit - a Greek salad, sans lettuce, jazzed up with blackened Cajun-spiced chicken, mixed with scrambled eggs, crunchy cucumbers, and burst-in-your-mouth Kalamata olives. It’s an unexpected dance of textures and flavors - salty, spicy, and fresh all at once - downright bizarre yet utterly delightful.

One shortcoming - the absence of a reservation system, which can make weekends quite a challenge. Yet, Joey’s deserves a commendable 4 out of 5 forks. It’s a neighborhood jewel, transforming American comfort food into extraordinary culinary adventures. Whether it’s breakfast, blunch, lunch, or dinner, Joey’s Café has got you covered.

Joey's cafe WeHo: Greek salad sans lettuce, with blackened chicken, and scrambled egg.
The bizarre creation: Greek salad sans lettuce, with blackened chicken, and scrambled egg.

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