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WeHo Bistro: Because who doesn’t love a game of ‘find the seasoning’?

In the heart of West Hollywood, sits an establishment that garnered accolades from OpenTable as one of 2021’s Top 100 Neighborhood Gems and Brunch Spots in America. This unassuming place, known as WeHo Bistro, beckoned us to delve into its culinary offerings with the hope of uncovering a hidden gastronomic treasure.

The concerto of flavors began with the Cucumber Tzatziki Tartine, a concoction that rested on a canvas of toasted multi-grain bread. It was adorned with Kalamata olives, zahar, and pequin chili pepper, creating a burst of freshness that danced on our palates, with a spicy kick that flirted with our senses. It was a surprising start.

The Breakfast Quesadilla then took center stage. An indulgent medley of eggs, peppers, onions, tomatoes, and a choice of protein (we picked lamb) nestled within a verdant spinach tortilla. It was akin to a vibrant and bustling cityscape captured in an impressionist painting, promising a lot but underdelivering on depth.

Onwards to Keith’s Protein Scramble, a hearty blend of ground turkey and chicken, sautéed spinach with garlic, onions, mushrooms, cumin, and feta. This dish, like a soulful jazz tune, offered a comforting base rhythm of flavors, then mingled with the fruity and fresh notes of mixed greens and a chorus of berries. A tune that you’d hum, but forget soon after.

The final act, Chicken Dijonnaise, was a free-range chicken bathed in a Dijon mustard sauce, supported by the classic potatoes dauphinoise and tomato provençal. It tried to capture the grandeur of a symphony but played like a high school band, the Dijon being the lone first-chair player surrounded by underperformers.

A common thread in this culinary tapestry was an unfortunate lack of seasoning. Each dish hinted at brilliance, but like a joke with a botched punchline, it didn’t quite land. Our saving grace was the travel tin of Malden Sea Salt, standing as a trusty sidekick against the looming blandness.

WeHo Bistro’s service oscillates between an affable neighbor and a haughty debutante, a dance that adds to the unpredictability of the experience. Whatever your dietary inclinations may be, stemming from actual food allergies or ones borne of imagination, WeHo Bistro has an expansive menu that ensures there’s always something for everyone to order and enjoy.

So, the final tolling of the bell? A sound 3 out of 5 forks. Despite its seasoning missteps, WeHo Bistro stands as a sanctuary for all dietary wayfarers in search of a meal. You may have to spice things up a bit, but isn’t that what life in LA is all about?

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